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Find your teammates for the next clash tournament

What is Clash-Finder?

Clash-Finder helps you to find teammates for the next LoL clash tournament. This is a fan-based site which will try its best to help you prepare for clash. Clash-Finder is available in all regions! This service is free to use. Please keep in mind that Riot Games and League of Legends are not involved in the creation of this website. Clash-Finder is still in beta! I try my best to keep improving this website and adding new features when they're ready.

Get ready for clash in 3 steps

1. Create your team

Login, get to your dashboard and create your own team. Define which rank is required, which language you are speaking and which lanes have to be filled.

2. Invite other players

Invite other players who match your team requirements you defined earlier. You can invite them by clicking "send invitation". The invited player will receive an e-mail where he gets notified about the invitation.

Wait until he accepts your invitation

After the invitation you have to wait until the other teammate accepts your invitation. He will get a notification to accept or refuse your invitation. The invited player can take a look which people currently are in the team by clicking on the team name. He will see your names, ranks, lanes and languages you speak. As soon as he accepted your invitation, he will show up on your team.

3. Get ready for clash

If your team is ready, you can chat with each other on the website or join the discord server of your team to be prepared for clash.

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About Clash-Finder

When Clash got released the first time, there was a website called play.op.gg
Riot Games promoted it for everyone who wants to participate in clash. It was a website where players could search for other teammates. For some reason the website shut down and a lot of players had problems finding teammates for clash. That was the moment when I started programming Clash-Finder. I want to help the community with this service. Clash-Finder tries to help you finding suitable teammates. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you find any bugs or have problems with the website, let me know. Feedback is also appreciated. Fill out this contact form to send me your bugs and feedback. Click here

About me

My name is Frius, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Switzerland. I'm a junior web developer and programming is my passion. I really like playing LoL even though the game seems a little bit unbalanced sometimes. However, I am registered at the game since season 2 but play regularly since season 6. I play at gold elo and I main toplane. My main champions are:

  • Darius
  • Garen
  • Malphite
  • Mordekaiser

Click here to see my op.gg profile. If you want to play with me let me know. 😉 Have a nice day and maybe we will meet us at the rift.