We added you most played champions to your profile on the dashboard. We also added new buttons to update your mastery points and your summonername. The most important improvement is our performance enhancement. You might have noticed huge lags and delays on our servers 1 hour before clash has begun. This was because of the huge amount of players searching for teammates at the same time. We improved the algorithm so you shouldn't face this issue anymore. If you find any bugs, please contact us.

We added a filter/sort feature to the listing of the matches. This should help you to find the people faster without having to scroll through the whole table.

We added more language options for your profile or your team and we also improved the responsiveness of our website for mobile devices. You should be able to use Clash-Finder also on your smartphone/tablet.

We added your most played champions with the highest mastery points to your user profile. It will be shown when on the search page.

We improved the contact form. We replaced the old google forms with a new captcha secured form.

We added your last login time to your profile. That means that your last login time is shown on your profile when people search for teammates. The results are also sorted by your last login time.

We added a time zone handling feature to our team chat. Your messages now also have a timestamp at the top with the exact time when they have been sent.

We added a new feature where players who are alone can search for other teams and can send requests for joining them.